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Bouncin Fillies Journal

Havin fun

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Ok This is a secondary journal from my other one daddys_kitten..
I made this one ONLY for my "horse" stuff..As you can see I like a lot of different things, I got my first horse a year ago, she is a breeding stock filly, and her and I are going to our first show together!! she recently turned 2 this past april..We are entering a halter show, as obviously I can`t ride her yet, but she is currently at the trainers! but untill then I ride other horses, a friend of mine has a TB mare who we recently bred,I also ride a palamino paint horse by the name of Dolly ever once and a while:-)
Last summer I usued to ride a horse named April she is a bay and a very beautiful horse! and I love her so much, she is so sweet, well sometimes..anyway I guess thats a "little" about me..
**********Me and my Husband**************
My husband and I have been married for a year and a half, together longer, he bought me my first horse last year for my birthday:-)
and none of this could have ever been possible with out him!
He is looking at getting a horse as well, but he wants a tennesse walker, since thats what he used to ride years ago..:-) so I think thats all..

These have to be the cutest things I`v ever seen..hehe..